TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF DOUBLESIDED CONCRETE PRE-CAST WALLS Because it is made in iron framed rubber molds our panels are perfect straight and sizes very precise.    Size  -   300mm wide x 1440mm high x 48mm (thi

We have a few fantastic precast products that needs absolutely no maintenance. Why use concrete for garden walls and the building of sheds and bush houses? Concrete just gets stronger in time. Pre-cast concrete panels that looks like WOOD No

Renza manufactures artistic lighter weight concrete panels to clad wooden houses or ugly walls. It is ideal to restore garden sheds and tiny houses made from wood. With this panels you can enclose damaged wood. The panels won't rot or burm. As

TrelliFit security trellis gates and fixtures from Renza Projects.Secure your sports bar,restaurant,liquor store,shop,office,practise or residence with a high quality,dureable custom made to perfection.