We have a few fantastic precast products that needs absolutely no maintenance.

Why use concrete for garden walls and the building of sheds and bush houses? Concrete just gets stronger in time.

Pre-cast concrete panels that looks like WOOD

Now you can argue: I want that wooden bush cabin feel.

No problem: Our wood-cast panels look like old barnyardwood, but is made from concrete. No turning and twisting when the weather changes. No rotting in humid weather. No pests and goggas that eats there way to the core of the wood.

And best of all. No more fire hassles. So many people worry about there wooden cabin, when they are not there to protect their property. Our panels are so strong, you can't just chop a hole in it with an axe.

It is simply a beautiful product to build a wooden cabin with. 

The concrete wooden panels looks nice on both sides

Pre-cast concrete panels that looks like STONE

Can you imagine building a house with our quality stone-cast precast concrete panels? The stone-cast panels looks ancient, yet is is totally in demand for modern houses nowadays.

The doublesided panels have no bad side. Same look on both sides. As most of our panels used for pre-cast concrete walls it has an invisible link between slabs.

It is also firm and sturdy, thanks to the tongue into groove link between panels.

Pre-cast concrete panels that looks like BRICK

Again, same look on both sides. No more complaints from the neighbors because they get the bad side, like in the times of the old grey stop-nonsense walls.

Quick and easy installation

Your wall can go up to 2,4 meters. If you build a normal brick wall you have to build double brick rows, step it a few places and use steel enforcement. A pre-cast brick-crete wall has the same aesthetic value as a wall built from bricks and cement. It is also just as strong. (or I may dare say, even stronger as a built wall) Normally a brick-crete wall that can be erected in one day will take about a week to build.

All our pre-cast wall panels are steel enforced. The walls are finished with a neat cap rail.  

Hand made ROCK panels

This unique product can be used to cover or renovate ugly walls or replace the rotten panels of your wendyhouse or log cabin.

Want to build a house from pre-cast panels?

We offer a complete how it's done guide, with a few easy, but cute cabins. It is based on the size of our panels, and although you will have to cut a few slabs to custom sizes, we designed the houses on a minimum waste basis.

This e-manual are sold for the bargain price of R150.00 as we really want to encourage people to build houses with our pre-cast precision made slabs.

One of the complaints when building houses with our heavy pre-cast slabs is, how do we get it up there, before slipping it in position in the normal u-bar, used for keeping the slabs in place.

In our manual we offer other ways to put the slabs in position and keeping it together.

Then of course, we don't pretend to have all the answers. If you have better ideas on constructing the houses with heavy pre-cast concrete panels we would love to here from you.

For more information on the manuals, or if you need advice on

 how to build the houses, send an email to renzaprojects@gmail.com